Top Luminox Watches

Few brands of the watches that are capable of making custom watches and among the Luminox is at the top. It is a brand for military navy seals watches. It is their official brand with a variety of different options for Special Ops, Special forces, and other enforcement agencies.


Luminox series is so far became one of the favorite so-called tactical watches for military personnel. These watches are very  tough, rugged and practical watch, not to mention its comfortable and easy to read at night. They are embedded with the high end Luminox Light Technology (LTT) with tritium and illumination system.


Here are the top 5 best Luminox Watches.

Luminox Recon SPC 8830 Series


If you are keen of tactical watches what are visually attractive then Luminox Recon NAV SPC 8830 series is best option for you. It is best featured for military personnel.



Luminox Recon SPC series is a part of “Land” collection customarily designed for military professionals. The luminous feature of this SPC watch is its speed Techymeter which is used to measure the outdoor activities like walking, hiking, camping, cycling, etc. Recon Nav SPC features a 46 mm carbon reinforced poly carbonate casing embedded with reflection resistant sapphire crystal. It also have a unidirectional dive-style bezel with a Ronda 515 movement. It weight only 72 grams and comes with a strap of 24 mm width. Three standard map scales are indicated on the its compass with a conversion chart of inches and centimeters.


It is also featured with most common characteristic of Luminox brand which is water resistance in a depth upto 200 meters. Luminous with tritium tubes in yellow with ice blue color in low visibility light on markers and hands.


Luminox Navy Seal Colormark 3051 Series


The most common question is that what model of Luminox watches is best suitable for the first time buyer. Among several options, Luminox Navy Seal Colormark 3051 is the best choice with high recommendation.



Luminox Colormark is a gem in “Sea” collection under 3050 series. It is very popular watch among professional divers, elite military forces and other agencies. It comes with a variety of colors and style. It include white, solid black  and a combination of black-blue and black-orange version.


Luminox Navy Seal Colormark 3051 have 44 mm wide case diameter with a weight of only 56 grams. The casing is made of carbon-reinforced polycarbonate thus making it very strong and rigid but also light weight. It is also included with a double gasket security system, unidirectional bezel and upto 200 meters deep water resistance ability.


The strap comes in soft rubber material and is a two buckle strap for anti-fall security.

This watch also has a luminous (tritium) in green color on hands and ice blue color on markings.


In my opinion Luminox Colormark is perfect for a starter looking for a premium grade watch.


Luminox Colormark 7057. WO Series


Luminox Colormark 7057 WO Series is a tactical watch with elegant design light weight and rugged. It is a perfect choice for women looking for a perfect, elegant and white colored Luminox watch. This watch is the part of “Sea” series of Luminox brand.



This watch is categorized as a unisex watch making it not exclusively for women but men also can ware this watch. Its most of the features are same as Luminox Colormark. Its case is 38 mm in diameter and 11 mm in height. It is a best suitable option for people who are looking for a smaller, lightweight watch.


Luminox Colormark 7057 WO has hardened miner crystal with arabic numeral markers, night vision tube with ice blue color on markers and unidirectional rotating bezel.


 Luminox Sea ANU 4221 series


Luminox being the official Navy Seals’ watch brand have the requirement of the toughest job. Therefore, this specific watch is the toughest watch in the series. Luminox Sea ANU 4221 is specifically designed for Navy Seal’s due to its durability and toughness. It is has two different options of strips to choose from; one is a rubber strap and the other one is nylon strap.


Luminox is powered with Luminox LTT (Luminox Light Technology) for best visibility in very low light condition.




It has a 45 mm diameter case with 13.2 mm thickness with a weight of approximately 113 grams. Luminox ANU 4221 is designed with PVD plated Stainless Steel with a anti-reflective sapphire crystal. It also have a unidirectional rotating diver bezel and upto 200 meters of water resistance.


Luminox Deep Dive 1500 Series


Luminox Deep Dive 1500 series is best suited for serious professional divers with the requirement of water resistant qualities.




Luminox Deep Dive series is a true deep dive watch that is ISO 6425 certified. Since, it is especially made for divers, it is up to 500 meters water resistant under 50 ATM pressure. It comes in a variety of color and design options. The colors include black, yellow, white, orange and blue accented on the dial markers.


It is also embedded with Bezel Locking System in order to prevent bezel from changing position which guarantees the setup of the time with their turning bezel with high accuracy.


Luminox Deep Dive is made with a diameter of 44 mm and a height of 17 mm. The weight of this watch is 190 grams. It is also embedded with a Swiss Automatic Movement system with hours, minutes, seconds and date function. A sapphire crystal with a dual anti-reflective coating is used in this watch with automatic helium escape valve (HEV) on the side of the case. Therefore, it is highly recommended for professional divers.



Luminox watch can be seen in action in Ocean’s Eleven greatly endorsed by the Hollywood’s man George Clooney. Luminox Original NAYVY SEALED 3901 one of the most prominent among premium watches that American watchmakers offer. Many times before, watches had been featured in Hollywood films. First watch that was featured in a film was Viggo Mortensen in 1997 in G.I. Jane.


How these watches steal the spotlight? Where are they originated from?




In 1989, Barry Cohen, a watch industrialist, introduced self-powered illumination system in watches. That innovation addressed the potential market gap at that time in watch industry. He, then combined his efforts with his friend Richard Timbo to design and create such a rage of watches utilizing his self-powered illumination system which enable them to be visible in very low light or even no light situation.


Barry and Richard later branded their watch with the name Luminox, a combination of two Latin words for light (Lumi) and dark (Nox). They name their self-powered illumination technology LLT an abbreviation for Luminox Light Technology. Eventually, the brand became the US NAVY SEAL’S official watch provider.


Luminox has become a famous brand for our customers since early 2018, thus, increasing its sale with multiple units at a time. They are known for their fantastic quality and durability and their popularity increased so much that this brand became official Navy Seals’ watches. Its affiliation to US Navy Seals boosts its sale as well and its popularity. These watches are featured with borosilicate glass capsules on the needle hands and hour markings with some bezels for an attractive glow. Despite being an American company, Luminox watches are made in Switzerland for the extreme quality assurance while also maintaining their reputation. (Stefano Petrina, Watches and Crystals)



In 1992 at a tradeshow, Barry Cohen and Nick North had a meeting with procurement officers of US Navy SEALs and worked together on the design of the watch especially to be used by SEALs. Initially, North’s task was to source a kind of watch that SEALs could use in night missions. After many tests, he finalized that Luminox was the only watch that stood out that the end while meeting SEALS’ requirements and finalized as SEALS’ watchmakers. These two organizations have worked together on this project since then.








After two years of working together on this project, Luminox was officially chosen to produce Navy SEALS’ watches. They also have launched a timepiece (Luminox 3001 Original Navy SEAL series) that late made the brand famous. When the Luminox 3001 Original Navy SEAL series watches launched, more and more law enforcement agencies had contacted Luminox for their own custom watches and that confirmed their reputation as a high-performance sports watch manufacturer.



In 1997, the famous Original Navy SEAL Luminox model made its appearance in Hollywood by the courtesy of Viggo Mortensen starring in Ridley Scott’s GI Jane.

In 2001, Ocean’s Eleven by Steven Soderbergh have given Luminox’s latest model – Original Navy SEAL 3901 – an enhanced screen time on the wrist during a well-known heist scene by the courtesy of George Clooney’s.


A year before that in 2000, they released two series of watches: All Steel Series and All Titanium Series. In these series, they had incorporated premium design, Lithium battery with 10-year battery life, an anti-reflective coating and sapphire crystal glass.


In 2003, Luminox had launched its first of four mono-brand outlets in central Tokyo before and a year later, in 2004, ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson endorsed its Luminox Ultimate Navy SEAL Chronograph 8301 model watch and brought back this brand to the big screen in his thriller-drama Walking Tall.



In 2006, owners of Modaine Watch Ltd, Ronnie and Andre Bernheim (Swiss watch manufacturers) had acquired half of the Luminox company shares and brought a wide range of their extensive experience of the Swiss watch matching industry. Their experience in global brand development and with their strong distribution network had enhanced Luminox to reach new heights becoming a global brand.




A year later, in 2007 Luminox launched its best-selling range of watches. Navy SEAL Colormark 3051 Series was evolved from the original Navy SEAL watches which were initially responsible of its reputation. Navy SEAL Colormark 3051 Series has upgraded its design and it featured its case with a specialized carbon compound thus making it resistant to both cold and hot weather situation. This series of watches also featured a scratch-resistant mineral crystal which has 20% more strength than the conventionally used mineral crystal. Luminox have expanded over fifty countries after the release of these watches and became a truly global brand.






In the year of 2009, Luminox began targeting customers beyond military and law enforcement agencies. Their campaign of Essential Gear had captured the keen interest of famous sportsmen and outdoors-men to become Luminox family members. All that was implemented in the celebration of the WatchMaker’s 20th anniversary.


Later in 2010, Luminox launched 50 bar (500 meter) Deep Dive Automatic Series, to attract both professional divers and serious diving enthusiasts.




After achieving the highest reputation for watch designs in areas spanning sea, air, and land, Luminox looked towards space in 2013. In that year, Luminox had partnered itself with SXC (The Space Expeditions Corporation) and launched its first SXC GMT Space Series after discussing the astronauts and space staff. SXC GMT Space featured a lightweight design with extreme durability using carbon compound.


Luminox Deep Dive Automatic Series

The 1523 divers watch – part of the Luminox Deep Dive Automatic Series



After a decade of the partnership Luminox Founders, Bernheim brothers bought Barry Cohen’s shares of the business. Now the duo owns the entire company along with the associated American distribution company Lumondi, Inc.


In the same year, Luminox formalized the agreement with Navy SEALs that was put in place in 1992 and made them an official licensing partner. Two decades of SEALS’ generation have chosen Luminox as their watch of choice and further strengthened their relationship with the militarily service.





In 2017, Swiss Law came in action on regulating Luminox with new regulations. Later that year, Leatherback Sea Turtle Series, and original SEAL watch – the Navy SEAL 3500 series upgraded version was launched.



In 2019, Luminox has celebrated its 30th anniversary and 27 year of its long relationship with the Navy SEALs.


Their self-powered (LTT) Luminox Light Technology has remained a unique and standing technology in watch industry. Also, with the advancement of the technology constantly, Luminox will also continue to advance its technology and expand itself with their next series of timepieces. Only time will tell.


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