Bulova Watches Money Can Buy

The Bulova brand is a timeless perfection. The brand makes watches that are the epitome of precision, class, and function. The story of how Bulova came to be such a renowned brand is equally timeless.

History of Bulova

A young Czech immigrant arrived in New York in 1875. His name was Joseph Bulova. He was already quite a skilled goldsmith, and when he came to New York, it was Tiffany & Co., that famous glass-making brand, which took him as an apprentice.

After his stint at Tiffany & Co., he set up his own watchmaking business and named his company after himself, J. Bulova & Co.

Applying his acquired knowledge of jewelry and glass, he initially started making boudoir clocks and pocket watches. But when wristwatches became a thing in the late years of World War 1, Bulova sought to capitalize on the wrist watches space.

He came up with the first Bulova wristwatches in 1919. Later, Bulova’s popularity gathered momentum and soon ads on the radio and TV started advertising the brand as the quintessential American brand. One tagline read, “America runs on Bulova time”. It showed the level of success Bulova had acquired in a short time.

Later in the 1950s, Bulova came up with the first electronic wristwatch, the Accutron, a wonderful innovation at the time,

Accutron’s technological innovativeness impressed the NASA staff so much so that they adopted its timing mechanism in their computers to keep an accurate and precise track of time, a feature highly sought by NASA. The timer produced by the Bulova was placed on the moon for accurate time assessments.

By then, the Bulova watch brand had completely taken off. It got picked up by the Air Force One, and later, by the U.S. Olympic team because, firstly, it symbolized America like no other brand, and secondly, the Bulova prides itself on a well-deserved culture of accuracy, precision, and class in watchmaking.

Best Watches by Bulova

There is no doubt that the Bulova brand has almost no competition when it comes to producing watches that not only impress but which are also timeless marvels.

The Bulova brand effortlessly merges class with function, a feature matched by few brands. So let’s dive into the list of the best Bulova watches you can buy.

Bulova Precision

The Bulova’s Precision collection is the perfect choice for people who want to follow the seconds a little too closely. If you are a track athlete wanting to track the time down to the seconds for each of your sprints, the Bulova precision can be the watch for you.

The chronograph classic by Bulova has a black dial encased inside a textured gray stainless steel casing and chain. A chronograph is a watch that displays dials as well as a stopwatch. The dial offers four different types of readings.

It is water-resistant for about 984 feet. Japanese quartz technologically makes sure that the watch gives precise time down to the nanoseconds.

You can buy this watch here.

Bulova Oceanographer

This watch was initially produced in the 1970s, and since then this watch has not been taken off the assembly line because it is one of the most symbolic Bulova watches out there. It also goes by the name “Devil Diver”, a cool name for a watch, right?

With a bezel glass covering a black dial in the center which is surrounded by exquisite black and red display, this watch makes you stand out. The oceanographer screams class like no other watch, but at the same time, the watch also manages to display just enough features, readings, and a window to come across as a watch that does a little more than just show time.

You can check out the watch here.

Bulova American Clipper

The classic American watch, the clipper is a watch that goes with almost any kind of outfit. A scratch-resistant mineral crystal forms the glass that encloses the dial. The dial is a simple 12-hour display that gives you that iconic classic vintage American look.

The strap is in leather that comes in brown as well as black colors. A single tiny window at 3 o’clock shows the day and date. Apart from that, the design is extremely simple and minimalistic.

Check out this American Clipper watch here.

Bulova Aerojet

If you want a little something extravagant for weddings then Bulova Aerojet’s dial with its rose-gold color scheme will impress. The hours, hands, and casing are in rose-gold making you appear regal.

It has a stainless steel case, brown straps, and a dark dial. All of the colors merge brilliantly. The display is analog a circular window giving a peek at the internal working of the clock. The clock powers with your movement. The crystal is domed with no bezel. It is water-resistant for up to about 30 meters.

Check out this watch here.

Bulova Phantom

You can check the Bulova Phantom here

This is the only lady’s watch we are reviewing on this list because Phantom is the standard Bulova ladies watch. The band and dial case are rose gold and studded with transparent diamond-like tiny cubes that add a bit more texture to the chain and case.

The dial is silver white and the hands are gold. The Bulova logo is at the 12 o’clock mark. The watch is powered by quartz movement that means that it is highly accurate. The dial is a work of art with crystals embedded around the edges of the circular dial at every hour position. The watch is water-resistant for up to about 30 meters.

You can check the Bulova Phantom here

Final Remarks

The Bulova brand is a well-established brand of exquisite class and refined taste. It has been the pioneer in the past and still makes innovative watches. This list highlighted the best Bulova watches out there. Take your pick from this list and the next time you go to a party sporting a Bulova on your wrist, you will